Tron Wallet

Tron Wallet
Supports TRX and Tron tokens

Android wallet officially supported and recommended by TRON Foundation

Tron Wallet is a multifunctional android wallet for the TRON network. This app offers you one of the safest ways to protect your private data.


  • Encrypts private information with a password
  • Creates a private/public key pair
  • Creates a 24 words recovery phrase (human readable private key recovery phrase)
  • Check balance (TRX, tokens)
  • Toggle market price view
  • Check frozen amount
  • Send TRX and tokens
  • Receive using QR code
  • Freeze TRX to get votes and bandwidth
  • Submit votes for representatives
  • Offline signing mechanism with QR code scanning
  • Participate in token distributions
  • Manually set your node connection
  • See latest blocks
  • See latest transactions

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