Supports TRX and Tron tokens

TronMask is a browser extension wallet for TRON. TronMask enables you to access TRON Blockchain directly from your favourite browser.


  • Open Source —All of TronMask codes are open. You can see and evaluate them on the Github
  • Control Over Your Funds — We never hold / have access to your private key. It’s encrypted and only stored on your device, so that only you can access it.
  • Simple and Ease to Use UI — We want to make sure that users can use TronMask to interact with blockchain painlessly.
  • Send & Receive TRX / Other Tokens.
  • Freeze TRX to get more Bandwidth and TRON Power that’ll enable you to send more transactions and vote for super representatives.
  • Votes for Super Representatives — Help the network by voting your favorite representatives directly from TronMask.

Download From Chrome web store