Supports TRX and Tron tokens

TronWallet is a beautiful, simple yet powerful p2p crypto wallet dedicated to TRON users.


  • TronWallet Features:
  • No fees — Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving TRX is free.
  • UX Design — Beautiful and practical design for a fast and intuitive experience
  • Open source & Privacy — Very important, your keys are yours and PRIVATE to you only. We never hold your keys (you may check the code!)
  • Fully decentralized p2p wallet — no login, no signup
  • Local secret encryption + PIN — encrypted the database file on disk with AES-256+SHA2 by supplying a 64-byte encryption key powered by a realm database)
  • All TRON network operations supported (except ‘create token’)
  • Push notifications — get notified immediately once transactions are processed
  • Easy to use — a lot of detail went into making the user experience very simple (and fast!)
  • Benchmark vs. 20+ top crypto wallets — yeah, we checked other wallets to make sure Tronwallet is top-notch in features and build quality
  • Tronwallet API — we made it easy for app and game developers to integrate and use TRON

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