Project official launch

Official launch of cryptocurrency payment platform and QR integration worldwide

May 30, 2018

TRON Integration

TRON as official payment method integrated. We also added TRX20 Token Payments

Jul 05, 2018

Android platform wallet integration

We are working on wallet integration for android platform. Our preferred wallet will be added and recommended to use for both sellers and customers

Aug 01, 2018

Apple iOS Integration

We plan to integrate first iOS wallet with HummingPay compatibility. Our preferred wallet will be selected and recommended for those who want to accept and send payments via Apple iOS device

Sep 01, 2018

PC and Mac integration

We are working on PC and Mac support - Date might slightly change

Nov 01, 2018

New tools for business users

Our developers are working on a new set of tools to optimise and help businesses with their payment management and transaction tracking history

Jan 01, 2019

More to come..

Jan 06, 2019